Inspire those struggling with addiction, mental health and trauma to use their personal passions as a creative-based recovery alternative.


A world where those struggling with addiction, mental health and trauma are seen as creative, inspired, strong individuals with purpose.


Music is the ultimate healing force, a universal language that conveys emotion across all identity barriers. Original music and high-profile concerts, involving multiple Grammy winners and globally-known artists gives us a venue to share our message and engage donors.


Thank you to everyone who came out to the Sound Mind Network Festival!

We appreciate everyone who worked so hard to make it a success and everyone who came and supported the Sound Mind Network. If you were unable to make it please don’t hesitate to donate.

“The Sound Mind Network is making a lasting impact on how we view and treat addiction.”

Kevin Bacon
Actor & Musician

(The Bacon Brothers)

“Sound Mind Network raises funds to support creative music through music therapy for creative minds.”

Kathy Sledge

Sound Mind Network Artists Include

The Bacon Brothers

Cyndi Lauper

Wyclef Jean

G Love & Special Sauce

Tony Luke, Jr.

Taj Mahal

Sophie B. Hawkins

Joan Osborne


Cory Singer

Bailey James




Creative self-expression is a powerful and unique means of addressing mental health, addiction and trauma. Sound Mind Network is a non-profit foundation that promotes and supports creative-based treatment initiatives as a safe means of self-help for those battling addiction, mental health and trauma.


Join the Sound Mind Network and help us change the world’s view of addiction, mental health and trauma.

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