Tony Luke Jr., a successful entrepreneur, actor, musician, and songwriter, brings a wealth of personal experience to his role as a motivational speaker for the Sound Mind Network. After the devastating loss of his son, Tony III, to a heroin overdose, Tony has dedicated his life to aiding and empowering individuals in need during their own ongoing battles with addiction and mental illness.

With over 150 speeches delivered in the past five years, Tony has captivated audiences with his inspiring and moving storytelling, featuring topics ranging from addiction recovery and the importance of practicing empathy, to coping with the death of a child, personal struggles and business ownership.

Utilizing his moving personal narratives to raise both awareness and hope, Tony’s speaking engagements are riveting, progressive events crafted to leave a lasting impact on listeners. His presentations also serve as a call to action for those struggling with mental health and addiction challenges to seek the support they deserve.

Tony Luke Jr’s multifaceted professional background adds unique depth and authenticity to his empathetic message, one sure to resonate with diverse audiences and foster a greater shared understanding of the human experience.

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